Exclusive First Listen: the Audiobook

Here is a very brief insight into what we’ve been doing here in the last few weeks. The audiobook has been recorded and is waiting for some final edits and corrections to be made.

The audiobook was narrated by the most inspiring Voiceover artist Sammi Bold from Washington DC. She has a compelling voice: both intelligent and inspiring. You have a chance to exclusively listen to a short outtake of the book on our Soundcloud page. She has just finished recording it the day before yesterday.

The Artwork

Also, I am very  excited to present the artwork and the new heading of the whole course here for the first time. Yes, it is a crash course that you can finish in less than two hours. More coming soon…


Those of you who recognize the source of inspiration for the cover design can shout it out in the comments below 🙂


SmartHistories Youtube 2560x1440px_1

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